Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Nokia All Model Variant Official Firmware Free

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Download Link:
Nokia 1(Frontier)
01.TA-1056 Nokia_00WW_8_1_0 Download Link:
02.TA-1047 FRT-039G-0-00WW-B02 Download Link:
Nokia 2(Dynamo)
01.TA-1029 7.1.1_QFIL Download Link:
02.TA-1035 E1M-037C-0-00WW-B03 Download Link:
03.Nokia__Dynamo_00WW__E1M__600WW Download Link:
Nokia 3(Essential)
01.TA-1032_7.1.1 Flashable Cm2 Read Download Link:
02. NE1-147I-0-00WW-B02 Download Link:
03.NE1-215H-0-00WW-B02 Download Link:
04.NE1-1480-0-00WW-A01 Download Link:
04.MT6737M_Unknown_00WW_7.0_alps-mp-n0.mp1-V1.0.2_fih6737m.35.n_P108_2018-02-15 21_06_16 TA-1020 Download Link:
05.MT6737M_Unknown_00WW_7.1.1_alps-mp-n1.mp1-V1.11_fih6737m.65.nj.n1_P36_2018-02-16 15_03_03 Download Link:

Nokia 5(Core)
01.TA-1053_00WW_D1C_3_22B_7.1.1_Nokia_5_DS_Sahara_Full Download Link:
02.ND1-3700-0-00WW-B03 Download Link:
03.ND1-3320-0-00WW-A02 Download Link:
04.ND1-205A-0-00WW-A02_EDL_non_Fastboot_Eng Download Link:
Nokia 6(Plate)
01.FIH_TA-1025_00WW_3_70D_2017-12-01 Download Link:
02.MSM8937__FIH__Nokia__ANDR_v7.1.1__TA-1000__D1C__TA-1000_00CN 1 Download Link:
03.Nokia__TA-1000_00CN__D1C__600CN Download Link:
04.Nokia__TA-1021_00WW__PLE__600WW_7.1.2 Download Link:
05.Nokia__TA-1021_00WW__PLE__600WW_PLE-3700-0-00WW-B0 Backup Security  Download Link:
06.Nokia_6_TA-1021_MSM8937_28122017_7.1.1_QFIL Download Link:
07.D1C-332A-0-00WW_EDL_non_Fastboot_Eng Download Link:
08.D1C-332A-0-00WW-A01 Download Link:
09.D1C-5210-0-00WW-B03_Exploit Download Link:
10.D1C-5620-0-00WW-B01_Exploit Download Link:
11.PLE-3320-0-00WW-A02 Download Link:
12.TA-1000_00CN_D1C_3_17B_7.1.1_Nokia_6_DS_Sahara Download Link:
13.TA1021_PLE-522A-0-00WW-B01 Download Link:
14.TA1021_PLE-558B-0-00WW-B01 Download Link:
Nokia 6 (Plate2 2018)
01.PL2-064D-0-00CN-B05 Download Link:
02.PL2-222E-NOKIA-6.1-0-00WW-B02.nb0 Download Link:
Nokia 7 Plus (Onyx)
01.TA-1046 B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07.nb0 Download Link:
02.TA-1062 B2N-132E-0-00CN-B08.nb0 Download Link:
Nokia 7(Charm)
01.C1N-127C-0-00CN-B02 Download Link:
02.C1N-0430-0-00CN-B05 Download Link:
03.nokia7_twrp_try.nb0 Download Link:
Nokia 8(Avenger Sirocco)
Download Link:
Nokia 8(Bang)
01.NB1-309A-0-00WW-B01 Download Link:
02.NB1-435J-0-00WW-B01 Download Link:
03.NB1-484A-0-00WW-B03 Download Link:
04.NB1-488B-0-00WW-B04 Download Link:
05.NB1-4390-0-00WW-B01 Download Link:
Nokia X5
01.NOKIA_X5-PDA-021G-0-00CN-B07 Download Link:
Nokia X6(Dragon)
01.DRG-221F-0-00CN-B03 Download Link:
02.NOKIA_X6_OSTLA_DRG-229E-0-00CN-B01 Download Link:

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